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Annotated Laws & Regulations

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    Notes of the annotated statutes

    The annotated statutes have been prepared from the text in the Government Gazettes, Official Gazettes and South African Government Gazettes. The text in the Gazettes has been reproduced exactly in the annotated statutes, with apparent errors noted in the editorial comments.

    Changes made to the principal laws by subsequent statutes have been made precisely as directed in the Gazettes, even where this results in errors of punctuation or grammar (such as a double comma or an incorrect use of “an” or “a” preceding a substituted term). While it may be a convention of legal drafting that some such errors are to be automatically corrected, drafting conventions have clearly changed over the long period covered by the annotated statutes. Thus, the annotated statutes consistently follow the precise directions in the amending Gazettes. (In the very few instances where a change not directed by the Gazette has been made to avoid confusion, this is clearly indicated in the editorial notes.)

    Download the document below for a detailed break-down on Annotated Laws.

    Document: Notes on the Annotated Statutes