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    Aquaculture Act 18 of 2002

    To regulate and control aquaculture activities; to provide for the sustainable development of aquaculture resources; and to provide for related matters.

    Aquaculture Act 18 of 2002 2002 150KB
    Aquaculture (Licensing) Regulations 2003 - 246 2003 847KB
    Regulations relating to Import and Export of Aquatic Organisms and Aquaculture Products 2010 - 070 2010 1MB
    2888 765KB
    3104 385KB
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    Year Law Title Sub-Category Origin
    2000 Marine Resources Act 27 of 2000 N/A Namibia
    2003 Inland Fisheries Resources Act 1 of 2003 N/A Namibia
    1991 National Fishing Corporation of Namibia Act 28 of 1991 Fishcor Namibia