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    Namibia Tourism Board Act 21 of 2000

    To establish the Namibia Tourism Board and to provide for its functions; to provide for the registration and grading of accommodation establishments; to provide for the declaration of any sector of the tourism industry as a regulated sector and for the registration of businesses falling within a regulated sector; and to provide for matters incidental thereto.

    Namibia Tourism Board Act 21 of 2000 2000 282KB
    Namibia Tourism Board Act 21 of 2000 - Regulations 2004-138 2004 202KB
    Regulations relating to Levy Payable by Accommodation Establishments 2004 - 137 2004 139KB
    National Star Grading Regulations relating to Accommodation Establishments 2012 - 204 2012 235KB
    2437 837KB
    2531 254KB
    3235 274KB
    3698 293KB
    3733 97KB
    5009 199KB
    5835 165KB
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