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    Standards Act 18 of 2005

    To provide for the promotion, regulation and maintenance of standardisation relating to the quality of commodities; to establish the Namibian Standards Institution for the purpose of acting as the authority responsible for the determining of Namibian standards; to determine the functions of the Namibian Standards Institution; to establish and constitute the Namibian Standards Council for the purpose of managing and controlling the affairs of the Namibian Standards Institution; and to provide for matters incidental thereto.

    Standards Act 18 of 2005 2005 167KB
    Regulations relating to the Application to a Commodity of the Standardization Mark of the Standards Council 1948-1029 1948 143KB
    Regulations of the South African Bureau of Standards 1962-154 1962 105KB
    General Regulations 1967-1372 1967 72KB
    Standards Regulations 2013-249 2013 585KB
    Standards Act 18 of 2005 - Regulations 2019-259 2019 572KB
    3569 151KB
    5290 191KB
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