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    Abuse of Dependence-Producing Substances and Rehabilitation Centres Act 41 of 1971

    To provide for the prohibition of the dealing in, and the use or possession of dependence-producing drugs; the imposition of a duty on certain persons to report to the police certain information in relation to certain acts in connection with such drugs; the forfeiture of certain property of certain persons; the cancellation of certain licences of certain persons; the creation of certain presumptions; the removal from the Republic of certain persons; the detention and interrogation of certain persons; the establishment of rehabilitation centres and hostels; the registration of institutions as rehabilitation centres and hostels; the committal of certain persons to and their detention, treatment and training in such rehabilitation centres or registered rehabilitation centres; the appointment of a Director of Rehabilitation Services to exercise control over rehabilitation centres and hostels and registered rehabilitation centres, and the reception and discharge of inmates of rehabilitation centres and registered rehabilitation centres; the amendment of the Medical, Dental and Pharmacy Act, 1928, and the Criminal Procedure Act, 1955; and to provide for other incidental matters.

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