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    State Finance Act 31 of 1991

    To provide for the regulation of the receipt, custody and banking of, the accounting for, and the control and disposal of State moneys, stamps, securities, forms having a face or potential value, equipment, stores and other movable goods owned or leased by the State; the defrayal of expenditure on services of the State and the making of other payments from the banking accounts maintained in respect of State moneys; the recovery of losses or damages caused to the State; the powers and duties of the Treasury; the powers and duties of the Auditor-General; the raising and repayment of loans by the State; the determination of interest rates in respect of certain debts due to the State; the furnishing of guarantees, indemnities and securities by the Government in respect of the financial commitments of certain statutory institutions, banks, companies or juristic persons; and to provide for matters connected therewith.

    State Finance Act 31 of 1991 1991 194KB
    South West Africa Tender Board Regulations 1970-132 1970 107KB
    Financial Regulations of the Administration 1975-124 1975 123KB
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