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    Vocational Education and Training Act 1 of 2008

    To establish the Namibia Training Authority, the Board of the Namibia Training Authority and the National Training Fund; to regulate the provision of vocational education and training; to provide for the funding of vocational education and training; to provide for the imposition of vocational education and training levy; to provide for the appointment of inspectors and designation of quality system auditors; and to provide for incidental matters.

    Vocational Education and Training Act 1 of 2008 2008 375KB
    Regulations under the National Vocational Training Act, 1994 1996 - 234 1996 1MB
    Regulations for Registration of Vocational Education and Training Providers 2012 - 300 2012 1MB
    Regulations relating to Use of Vocational and Training Levies for Funding Vocational Education and Training Programmes and Projects and for Providing Technical and Financial Assistance 2014 - 005 2014 199KB
    1399 372KB
    4042 154KB
    4053 712KB
    5099 289KB
    5395 196KB
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