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    Pharmacy Act 9 of 2004

    To provide for the establishment and constitution of a professional Council for the pharmacy profession; to determine the powers, duties and functions of such Council; to regulate the registration of pharmacists and persons practising professions allied to the pharmacy profession; to specify the education and training and qualifications of persons practising such professions; to prohibit the practising of any such profession without being registered; and to provide for matters incidental thereto.

    Pharmacy Act 9 of 2004 2004 864KB
    Regulations Relating to the Fees Payable by and to the Board 1975 - 349 1975 69KB
    General Regulations 1978 - 214 1978 107KB
    Regulations relating to the Diploma in Pharmacy 1978 - 378 1978 254KB
    Regulations relating to the Manner in which the Business of the South African Pharmacy Board shall be Conducted and the Manner in which the Accounts of the Board shall be Kept 1978 - 378 1978 108KB
    Regulations relating to the Minimum Requirements of Study for Registration as a Pharmacist 2007 -221 2007 54KB
    Regulations relating to the Allowances Payable by the Pharmacy Council of Namibia 2008 - 147 2008 142KB
    Regulations relating to the Registration of Pharmacists; Qualifications Registered as Specialties and Additional Qualifications; Registration as Pharmacist Intern; Maintaining of Registers and the Restoration of a Name to the Register 2008 -051 2008 128KB
    Regulations relating to Continuing Professional Development applicable to Registered Persons 2010-090 2010 59KB
    Regulations on Conditions subject to which a Registered Person may return to Active Practise after not Practising for a Period of Time 2010 - 279 2010 55KB
    Regulations relating to Additional Examinations that may be conducted by the Pharmacy Council of Namibia 2010 - 278 2010 56KB
    Regulations relating to an Appeal to, and the Conducting of an Appeal by, the Appeal Committee of the Pharmacy Council of Namibia 2010 - 280 2010 136KB
    Regulations relating to Impaired Registered Persons 2013 - 303 2013 96KB
    Regulations under the Pharmacy Act, 2004 on the Ownership of Pharmacies by Private Hospitals and Requirements for Registration and Conduct of Pharmacy Practices relating to Ownership of Pharmacy by Private Hospital 2014 - 101 2014 160KB
    Regulations Relating to Allowances and Certain Fees Payable by Pharmacy Council of Namibia 2015 - 290 2015 67KB
    Regulations Relating to Investigation of Alleged Unprofessional Conduct by Registered Person, and Instituting and Conducting of Professional Conduct Inquiry 2015 - 289 2015 167KB
    Pharmacy Act 9 of 2004 - Regulations 2018-061 2018 49KB
    1312 220KB
    3250 258KB
    3291 61KB
    4068 359KB
    4103 383KB
    4633 343KB
    5342 157KB
    5515 232KB
    5559 233KB
    5898 226KB
    5899 240KB
    6564 176KB
    GG 4594 4MB
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