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    Labour Act 11 of 2007

    To consolidate and amend the labour law; to establish a comprehensive labour law for all employers and employees; to entrench fundamental labour rights and protections; to regulate basic terms and conditions of employment; to ensure the health, safety and welfare of employees; to protect employees from unfair labour practices; to regulate the registration of trade unions and employers’ organisations; to regulate collective labour relations; to provide for the systematic prevention and resolution of labour disputes; to establish the Labour Advisory Council, the Labour Court, the Wages Commission and the labour inspectorate; to provide for the appointment of the Labour Commissioner and the Deputy Labour Commissioner; and to provide for incidental matters.

    Labour Act 11 of 2007 2007 153KB
    1953 - General Regulations 1953 682KB
    1953 - General Regulations 1953 234KB
    1972 - Employment Bureaux Regulations 1972 136KB
    1997 - Regulations relating to the Health and Safety of Employees at Work 1997 6MB
    2008 - Labour General Regulations 2008 1MB
    2008 - Rules relating to the Conduct of Conciliation and Arbitration before the Labour Commissioner 2008 490KB
    2014 - Regulations relating to Domestic Workers 2014 307KB
    2015 - Regulations Regarding Employment Services 2015 266KB
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