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    Agricultural (Commercial) Land Reform Act 6 of 1995

    To provide for the acquisition of agricultural land by the State for the purposes of land reform and for the allocation of such land to Namibian citizens who do not own or otherwise have the use of any or of adequate agricultural land, and foremost to those Namibian citizens who have been socially, economically or educationally disadvantaged by past discriminatory laws or practices; to vest in the State a preferent right to purchase agricultural land for the purposes of the Act; to provide for the compulsory acquisition of certain agricultural land by the State for the purposes of the Act; to regulate the acquisition of agricultural land by foreign nationals; to establish a Lands Tribunal and determine its jurisdiction; and to provide for matters connected therewith.

    Agricultural (Commercial) Land Reform Act 6 of 1995 1995 773KB
    General Regulations 1996 - 272 1996 1MB
    Regulations in relation to Acquisition of Agricultural Land by Foreign Nationals 1996 - 257 1996 1MB
    Regulations on Procedure to Sublease Portion of Farming Unit 2013 - 241 2013 483KB
    Regulations relating to Exemption of Certain Agricultural Land from section 17 of Act 2014 - 233 2014 124KB
    Regulations on Criteria to be used for Expropriation of Agricultural Land 2016 - 209 2016 362KB
    Land Valuation and Taxation Regulations 2018 - 285 2018 3MB
    1040 3MB
    1214 33KB
    1411 272KB
    1426 284KB
    2378 168KB
    2523 196KB
    2613 198KB
    2663 770KB
    2678 602KB
    2875 597KB
    2925 531KB
    3096 106KB
    3116 175KB
    3181 116KB
    3214 73KB
    3555 80KB
    3870 168KB
    4833 434KB
    5210 246KB
    5279 141KB
    5428 274KB
    5530 224KB
    5809 139KB
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