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    This website contains all Namibian Laws and Regulations in force as well as all gazettes. All documents are presented in PDF format and where available also as Microsoft Word Documents. 

    Search the website

    Visitors who do not know exactly what they are looking for will make use of the site search.


    The ‘Home’ button takes you to the Parliament homepage

    How to

    How to use this database and find the laws, regulations and gazettes you are looking for.

    Annotated Laws & Regulations

    Regulations can be found by opening the page of an act. If regulations refer to this act, then they will be listed on that page below the act.

    Category Filter

    For ease of reference, categories have been supplied. The category filter can be used by selecting year or country (Britain, South Africa, South West Africa or Namibia).

    Each main category listing will display the category title, number of laws under the selected category and a ‘load more categories’ link. The ‘load more categories’ link will reload the page displaying all laws listed under the selected main category.

    Most viewed Laws & Regulations

    Each time a document is viewed on the site a number is added to the document; this number is used to determine which one of the documents are the most viewed on the site.

    Latest Added Laws & Regulations

    As soon as a new law, regulation or gazette is uploaded, it will display first in that banner. The information in the ‘latest uploaded’ banner changes depending on the section the visitor is on. For instance, if a visitor is on the Gazettes section the latest added / uploaded Gazettes will be displayed.

    People also viewed

    User tracking is used on the site to track visitors’ overall website visits, this data is used to recommend pages that other visitors would view next after being on a selected page. The pages listed in this banner will be linked to the full content pages, thus if a visitor clicks on one of the links they are redirected to the full details page of the selected link.


    The following gazettes are available:

    • Namibia Government Gazettes;
    • SWA Official Gazettes;
    • SA Government Gazettes;
    • British Admiralty Acts;
    • Netherlands.